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So you've seen my work, and you like what you see! Well at least I hope you do! Now you are wondering who is this guy? So you find yourself looking at my, "About Me" page. Well, you found it. So a little about myself. My name is John Buckley, and I started my love for photography at an early age when my mom used to take photos with actual film. She had various type of cameras, but one that stood out to me at the time was a Polaroid camera that would give you an instant photo.  After having to shake the photo for a few minutes, the image would appear. I thought it was so cool at the time, that I wanted to take photos myself. Needless to say when I got old enough to work, I attained a job at JCPenny Portrait Studios. That was a fun job at the time, but I needed more. Over the years I've learned everything I know about photography by watching videos, joining photography meetup groups, reading about other photographers and their journeys of what not to do, and practice, practice, and more practice. I bring to my clients many years of experience in portraiture, wedding, family, model, and headshot photography! If you want to set up a time and date to capture your special day please feel free to send me an email or call. Thanks for your time and I hope to someday capture that special day for you!

You can contact me at:

Phone: 815-514-1253

Email: johndcbuckley@gmail.com

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